About Us


The Haberdasher Experiment has been undergoing a transformation. Via songwriting and performance, Haberdasher has evolved into the production of sound across various forms: music, performance, podcast production, and voiceover

Haberdasher (the band) is currently exploring acoustic rock/soul with an improvisational approach that attempts to seamlessly connect the moments throughout a show. 

The Sweeteners: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums. Vocals. Harmonies. Elements of Hip-Hop. Storytelling.

Improvisation (theater) plays an influential role in the way Haberdasher unfolds each show and is based on the premise that the moment doesn't ever stop, so listening closely to each other onstage, responding to musical offers in the moment, and allowing room for it all to breathe in an attempt to create a certain agility, musically, and open up the space to a free-from expression in whatever way comes out.

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